Launch it!

That seems to be the common theme for me lately. Launch this blog! So here is the low down...

This will mostly be a technical blog...with some personal stuff mixed in. I haven't decided on how the balance will be but for sure the content on this site won't be for the faint of heart. If you dig virtualization, Admin Tools, Powershell, Sharepoint, Windows Vista, Deployment technologies and pretty much anything related to IT then you're in good hands. So who is Michael Sainz? I would first direct you to the About Me page...but considering this is my first post, i'll give you some details right here.

What am I really about?

  • I'm a Digerati. When I talk about what a digerati is, I often get a puzzled expression on peoples faces. Although a digerati is someone who can be influential in the "digital age", I don't believe it's exclusive. Not only am I aware of the social web, I embrace it. This brave new world is a good thing - and I'm running as fast as I can towards it.

  • I'm a Technologist. Just as much as I live and breath the social aspects of technology, I like to get my nerd on. I guess my mind is just wired for it, but where technology is taking people, it's taking business and commerce to places undreamed yet. Very intoxicating.

  • I'm a Christian. Yep...cats out of the bag there. I guess more specifically I'm interested in the social aspect of how the social web has the capability of transforming the Christian faith into what it has been and what it can and will ultimately be: a focus for worshiping Him.