Did you know? - Process Explorer

So this will be the start of an ongoing series of just random helpful tips and tricks with Windows, Office and other IT Pro related advice. I hope that I will cover at least one thing you didn’t know about that will help you down the line. With that out of the way…did you know about the Live SysInternals CIFS share?


SysInternals was a company that was purchased by Microsoft which developed pretty much a good portion of the toolset that IT Pro’s use. Probably the most notable application Process Explorer. Often times IT guys describe this application is Task Manager on crack. It is part of my toolkit and I use it every week. What it does is that it not only gives you the list of processes running on the system, but also their tree structure so you can determine whether one process spawned another or has a child relationship. Digging deeper you can even get to go into the threads that are running within that process. Given that you configured symbols lookup, you can get even more technical with specific function calls. How does that help? Well if you’re troubleshooting an application and you suspect that it is hung, you can get to the AutorunsScreenShotnitty gritty of what its trying to do.

Often times I get requests to “make the computer work faster”. Whenever I hear this I immediately think malware infection. It’s a bad habit. Maybe not even malware but good maintenance on the PC. And out of this, comes Autoruns. Autoruns lists all of the drivers, LSP’s, startup programs and such that get executed when Windows starts. Since upon startup a lot of programs embed themselves in this phase, this slows down the performance of the computer. It sure is an eye opening experience when you realize what your computer is doing every time it starts up.

That’s it for tonight! If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear your comments!