Excited about DirectAccess

I'm pretty excited. You may not be able to tell just yet through the blog (which by the way I figure I'd dust off and post a new one) but over the next couple blog posts I think you'll get the idea. Love applying new technology that helps businesses do more with less...especially now! That's just one of many reasons why I'm excited about Microsoft DirectAccess.

DirectAccess is a remote access technology that I think brings back a core fundamental feature of the Internet: Access resources anywhere on the Internet. Now of course in this changing world we have many more things to consider with a blanket statement like that including security, availability and so forth. DirectAccess will help us with this. So what is DirectAccess?

Imagine accessing company resources outside the firewall. You say "But Mike, we can already do this?!!?" and this is true, but we are further bluring the visible barriers. How about no visable VPN client presented to the user? Or think of it in the reverse...how about remotely managing patches and health state of a laptop while it is away from the office? Corporate file shares, internal web sites and line of business applications alike will all be able to access the resources they need inside the company firewall while you the user are sitting at home, and you didn't have to load a VPN client or do anything remotely related to establishing connectivity to your organization. This is the end result for DirectAccess: Things just work.

In a short overview, it establishes a bi-directional connection to the company every time that device gets Internet connectivity. One of the biggest accomplishments that DirectAccess does (in my opinion that is...) is more on the user perception side: the user never has to think or deal with making that initial connection. Bring down the barriers! VPN's are great for establishing the concept of getting needed resources remotely and I think DirectAccess is just a natural extension of this concept.

Secured with IPSec and connectivity using IPv6, it does require some know how to configure but stick around and I'll show you the ropes! Here is some documentation to get you started.

Executive Overview

Next Generation Remote Access with DirectAccess and VPN's