Yes, I'm still here.

Sadly, I have neglected this blog for far too long. I am constantly reminded that I have this site due to the amount of spam comments I get. The Internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Suffice to say, since my last update I have a few new things going on. I've switched jobs twice but I still love what I do. I'm excited as ever and looking forward to some new experiences. But if there is anything that I've learned in my industry it's that change is constant.

At the beginning of 2011 I moved away from ACS/Xerox and moved to Dell Services. I was part of a team named GICS, or Global Infrastructure Consulting Services. We did exactly that: consulted with companies regarding their IT infrastructure and gave advice and guidance on their current and future projects they're considering. Naturally, I specialized in OS Migrations: Windows 7 stuff. It was awesome...for the first couple weeks...

See, my team was a "national" team. That is code for travel! Awesome, right? To a certain extent. I do enjoy travel...especially when you have a company card. ;) But there was a significant toll on the family. I was traveling every week from February until the middle of July. My first stint was New York/Jersey, then Atlanta and topping it off in Dallas/Ft. Worth. From April through July I was in Texas and let me tell you...that Texas heat is something of a shocker for someone who has lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life. And if you know me personally, you understand that my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter...not those "other two". More importantly though, it was grueling on my kids and wife. I was given some advice from someone who I trust to be mindful of travel and I'm glad he gave it to me. I didn't like the way we were heading so a change was needed.

July came and I got headhunted away to a smaller but up and coming IT consultancy. Slalom Consulting is based in Seattle, but we have a national presence. This company is AMAZING! Voted by as the 7th best company to work for! Great people, amazing relationships and opportunities and a great culture. Our next company retreat is in Whistler. I better get that snowboard out.

Hurray for awesome job???

As of December we're fully in Seattle (Issaquah really...). We're prepping our house down in Portland for rental on the weekends. Probably do this SEA to PDX thing for a couple more weekends so if anyone is interested in getting together, hit us up and let's get coffee.

Oh...that sounds good right about now.