System Center & PowerShell = Happiness

So I've been doing a lot with the System Center suite of tools for enterprise management. I've always had exposure to System Center - Configuration Manager due to its OSD features but in the past couples years I've had more opportunities to gain some insight into Service Manager and a more complete understanding of Configuration Manager as well.

One of the pains of this suite though is that its just huge. Both in terms of infrastructure in production environments (labs are smaller but still puts some load on hardware) and the time it takes for deployment. I've always likened it to spinning plates...lots of them.

And then I found out about the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit. And its...amazing.

First, the name doesn't give it justice. This is not a tool for deploying PowerShell but rather its deploying System Center leveraging PowerShell! The team who puts this together (Windows Server and System Center Group within Microsoft) has done an amazing job at integrating several features of PowerShell including Workflows into a cohesive and automated solution to both provision virtual machines, install core dependencies and System Center.

The team is led by Rob Willis and he blogs over at the Building Clouds site under the Deployment track, but pretty much all of those posts/tracks are great for cloud construction and systems automation content.

You can grab the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit here.