Win10 Came and Went

Well it was a pretty fast turnaround, but I had to switch back to Win 8.1. Build 9879 had some issues.

As mentioned in the first post, the performance of the system was an issue. Not all of it, VM performance was pretty decent. But when it came to GUI transitions and other operations within the OS, there were noticeable issues. Sometimes it was the rendering of text in an email, sometimes it was IE crashing. These small issues that all add up. But the final one that broke the camel's back was that Word and Outlook crashed quite a bit and I need these programs to be up and running as this impacts work in a significant way.

Again, I'm fully aware that this is test software and that these issues are to be expected. Given the responsibilities that I have though, I can no longer afford to be a tester in which the next update is anticipated next year as opposed to a more frequent update schedule. When the next build is out though...I'll be loading it up. Count on it. :)