Michael's Minutes - 04/14/17

Figured I'd start a series to help me blog a bit more. There is so much good content that I read and I figured since we're all about sharing in the community, this would be a perfect opportunity.

I had the privilege of attending the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit this year. You can find more information here. So a lot of the list below is content from the Summit -

  • Ever have the problem of using credentials from a remote host to another remote host using PowerShell? Ashley McGlone explains here about Kerberos and the double hop problem.
  • Want an automated way to create PowerShell module templates? Plaster is here to help.
  • Ruby on Rails running on Windows hasn't been the greatest experience, until now. Scott Hanselman explains why it's a little bit better now.
  • Infrastructure testing has been on my mind lately. Adam Bertram released a course on PluralSight showing us how to do it correctly with PowerShell and Pester.
  • Chef was at the Summit this week and it reminded me of a post awhile back discussing their take on DevOps principals.